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Bees Nest Yellow

Bees Nest Yellow

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A Nest for solitary bees provides a boost for fruit trees

A Bee Nest in the garden boosts the harvests of the flowers and fruit trees. This nest box is designed for the solitary bees that are frequent pollinators of the plants in the garden. These bees are completely harmless to humans and lack venomous stingers.
Solitary bees do not live collectively like honey bees, but rather live alone. Normally they have their nest in cavities of old trees and stumps. When there is a lack of natural nest sites, a Bee Nest can increase the hives in the garden. Solitary bees use bamboo pipes for both the storage of pollen and as a nursery. When the female has laid an egg in a pipe, she seals the entrance.

Bamboo tubes have been selected because they have the diameter of opening best suited to solitary bees that pollinate berry bushes and fruit trees.


The location is important

Nests are advantageously placed facing south because solitary bees enjoy both morning and evening sun. The jutting roof of the nest protects from the rain.

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